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Jasmine Anderson

Compositor on unreleased ‘Mystery TV series’ in Cartoon Saloon and RTEjr pre-school series
‘The Wee Littles’. Junior Clean Artist for Netflix feature Film ‘My Father’s Dragon’. Best Art
Direction and Best 2D Animation Nominee Dingle 2023.


● TV Paint
● After Effects

● Toon Boom Harmony
● Photoshop
● ShotGrid


Core Skills and Achievements
● Nominations for Best Art Direction, Best 2D Animation and Best Student Film Dingle
2023 for Independent Grad film BONK

● Kilkenny Animated panel speaker 2023
● Winner of the 2023 Boulder Sponsored Dingle Art Competition
● President and Founder of the Animation Society TUS Athlone Campus (2019-2021).


Career Summary

Cartoon Saloon: Compositor ‘Mystery TV Series’

November 2022 – November 2023

Key Responsibilities
● Compositing sequences (After Effects): Lighting, Tonals, Particle effects, Motion
Graphics, Essential graphics and FX
● Complex Camera moves and DOF
● Pre-compositing (After Effects) scenes and applying technical fixes to rigged
animation (Toon Boom Harmony)
● Rigged Animation Rendering (Toon Boom Harmony)
● Scene Transition Wipes (After Effects and Photoshop)


Magpie 6 Media: Compositor ‘The Wee Littles’ RTE Junior
July 2022 – October 2022


Key Responsibilities
● Compositing full episodes (After Effects): Lighting, Tonals, Motion Graphics etc
● Pre-compositing (After Effects) and Rigged Animation Renders (Toon Boom Harmony)
● Scene Transition Wipes (After Effects and Photoshop)



Cartoon Saloon: Clean Animation & DIP ‘My Father’s Dragon’ Netflix

Feb 2021 – Sep 2021

Key Responsibilities
● Clean Animation (TV Paint)
● Scene Prep Training (Toon Boom Harmony)
● Digital Ink and Paint (Toon Boom Harmony)
● Clean Animation (TV Paint)
● Additional Clean tasks; completing supervisor notes on scenes from Clean Artists.
● Technical Corrections of Clean Layers for MOHO department.
● Adding Seps and additional Textures


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